Upload Videos and Earn money from Adsense

We are constantly working on ways to improve users participation on the site. We previously released the Widget referral system so users could earn $1 per referred signup. This has done pretty well for many and a lot are taking advantage of this. We have many great video tutorials on the site. A lot of members are using their free time to upload videos to the site. To show our appreciation, we want to give users ways to make money. What better way than to allow our users to configure their Google Adsense account so that their Adsense links appear alongside their uploaded videos. 

How does it work.

First you will need  an Adsense account with Google If you do not already have one, you can signup at http://google.com/adsense. Providing that you already have one, login to Tutorialvid.com and update your Adsense information via your profile page, read below. Once Adsense is configured for your account, your Adsense will show next to all your videos. When Users click on your Adsense ads. You earn money. The more videos you have, the more visibility your Adsense will get and the more money you will earn.

Where Exactly Do I Update My Adsense Information On Tutorialvid.com

1. Login to Tutorialvid.com
2. Click on the MY HOME Tab in Top Menu
3. Click on View Profile  button
4. Click on edit
5. From the left menu, click on Adsense Update
6. Enter your google_ad_client and google_ad_slot numbers. Both can be found from your Google Adsense code.
7. Click the Update Button.
8. Upload Videos.
9. You're All Set. (see screenshot below)

What is google_ad_client

google_ad_client is your Adsense publisher id. It can be found in your Adsense code or in the top right page when you login to Google Adsense.

What is google_ad_slot

google_ad_slot define the color style and banner dimensions.
When you create your Adsense code from Google Make sure you choose 336x280 banner size and choose colors that blend with our site for best click results.
After you generate your Adsense code with the chosen color style and banner dimension, Google assigns a google_ad_slot number for you. You can find it in your Adsense code.

Where Is My Adsense Banner Displayed. 

It is located  under the video description on the right side of the video page. Your Adsense will be active on your videos.  (See Screenshot below).


How Much Money Can I Earn With Google Adsense.

It depends on how many videos you have on the site. If you have 1 video on the site and you get 10 clicks a day at $0.30 per click rate (rate can be much higher), you will make $180 a month. Imagine you have 20 videos on the site and more users watching your videos. Earning possibilities are endless.


I already have videos uploaded. How do i activate my Adsense for those videos. . 

To activate your Adsense, follow the steps mentioned above. Once done, you're Adsense will take effect for all your videos.

How Do i increase my earnings. 

Upload Useful videos. Users are here to learn. If users likes your videos, they will subscribe to you. By Increasing your subscribers you increase traffic to your videos. Every time you upload a new video, an email goes out to all your subscribers notifying them of your newly uploaded video. Traffic to your videos means more clicks to your Adsense ads and therefor more earnings. There are many blog and tutorial sites on the web that allows you to post or submit links to your tutorials. Doing so will get more more traffic to your videos Last but not least, make sure you have good titles, descriptions, and keywords for your videos. That's how users will be able to search and find your videos on both Tutorialvid and the web.