Widget Frequently Asked Questions

When do i get paid.

Payment is done on the 15th of every month.

Is there a Minimum to meet.

Yes. If your earnings for the current month is less then $50, the amount will be added to your next month earnings. You will be paid only when the amount reaches $50 and over.

How do i get paid. 

Payment is done via Paypal. Make sure you add/update your paypal ID via your profile setup at http://tutorialvid.com/members/profileBasic.php

How are referrals tracked.

Your Affiliate ID is automatically set in the widget code when you are logged in at Tutorialvid.com. When users on your site clicks the widget, they are redirected to tutorialvid.com. The system is smart enough to grab and store all  necessary information relating to your affiliate ID. If the referred user signs up, the system will automatically count the user as a referral and will record your referral fee accordingly. The system Records, the referred site, Referral username, join date, along with other vital information. 

What if I'm not logged in as a user, can i still use the widget code. 

Yes . If you are not logged in to Tutorialvid.com, you can still use the widget code on your site. However you will not get paid for referrals since no users or affiliate id exists for you.

How do you handle SPAM. 

Allot of work went into designing a bullet proof system against spamers. Our Referral system checks Spam on 20 different behavioral levels. This ranges from IP and Geo targeting to the Activity of the referred user account. The system is set to automatically tracks and detect spam behaviors. Spamers will be suspended indefinitely and all accumulated earning will be reset.