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Imagine being able to create a sharp detailed sketch without any artistic talent
whatsoever. Using this technique you'll be able to take a digital photograph, add a few
filters, throw in a couple of obscure commands - and let Photoshop do the rest!

Watched 1 day ago

From: 3photoshop

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PictoSketch Photoshop Tutorial. In this Photoshop Video Tutorial learn how to take a
digital photo and convert it into a realistic sketched drawing. You will learn how to give
the effect of a hand dRawn picture by using filters and layers.

Watched 15 hours ago

From: Watchandlearn

Views: 3668

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This is Part 7 of 7. Here's another way to render a watercolor from a Photo using filters
in Photoshop.This method produces subtle pencil sketch lines in addition to the luminous
watercolor effect. Tutorial Image downloads obtained by signing up for Mama ...

Watched 11 hours ago

From: mama

Views: 3817

Playing Time 09:28

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Extremely easy and "good resulting" tutorial on how to make a perfect sketch
from any image using adobe photoshop.

Watched 1 day ago

From: Leohack

Views: 5735

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sketching in macromedia flash using the mirror option video tutorial

Watched 22 hours ago

From: faisal

Views: 3606

Playing Time 513.33

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sketch in photoshop using wacom pan tablet Video Tutorial

Watched 22 minutes ago

From: faisal

Views: 5551

Playing Time 517.08

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Sketch Effect Adobe Photoshop Video Tutorial

Watched 58 minutes ago

From: Domen

Views: 5757

Playing Time 46.8

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