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In This Photoshop Video tutoria, learn how to create an animated banner

Watched 2 days ago

From: pete787

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Matt Kloskowski has a tutorial for web designers and graphic designers who work with web
banner ads. He shows how to use the banner ad template in Illustrator and bring it into

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From: Layersmagazine

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In this Flash CS4 Video Tutorial project we’ll create a banner ad of a rising sun over
the mountains using the Flash CS4 motion editor to tween the motion of the sun along a
curved path and to change its brightness.

Watched 22 hours ago

From: Layersmagazine

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This Photoshop video tutorial will walk you through the more expanded features of the Web
Photo Gallery, such as control of fonts and font sizes, background and banner colors, and
text descriptions for your images.

Watched 1 day ago

From: Watchandlearn

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