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The right music can add interest and flow to any video. THis Windows Movie Maker video
tutorial, Learn how to add this essential production element to your videos with Windows
Movie Maker.

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From: Aboutcom

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In This Premiere Pro Video Tutorial, Learn how to Add voice over and music to a video
project and helpful hints on how to tweak audio in Adobe Premiere.

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From: Layersmagazine

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A beginners guide - setting up and using Sonar 6 for the first time

Watched 11 days ago

From: dustypuppy

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Over 4 hours of instruction on Propellerhead's Reason by Morgan Pottruff, aka Morg (author
of the Live Video Tutorial DVD). Reason 3.0 is a virtual studio rack with all the tools

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From: musicbooksplus

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Pro Tools is one of the recording industries most powerful DAW workstations. In this first
Video tutorial of three from ASK Video you will get the foundation you to need to start

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From: musicbooksplus

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You've purchased tutorial DVDs to learn how to use your music software. Now learn how to
mix - right from the pros. In this video, James Tuttle will show you how EQs,

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From: musicbooksplus

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Learn to Create, Produce, and Perform with Live! With years of live performance
experience under his belt, musician, songwriter, producer and Live expert Morgan Pottruff
explains in a..

Watched 2 days ago

From: musicbooksplus

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