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In this Apple Color Video tutorial, Richard Harrington along with color expert Robbie
Carman create the Pleasantville effect in Apple Color. Using the secondary curves,
specifically the saturation curve, to isolate just the yellow in a taxi cab everything ...

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From: Allaround

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In this Photoshop CS4 video Tutorial, Howard demonstrates the new Vibrance adjustment tool
in Photoshop CS4 and how it differs from Saturation!

Watched 17 hours ago

From: IceflowStudios

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In This Photoshop Video Tutorial, I will show you how to adjust the contrast and
saturation of an image using the Soft Light Layer mode. This is a quick and easy
alternative from using our traditional Levels or Curves adjustments. I'll show you how it
can ...

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From: Yanik

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In This Photoshop Video tutorial, learn how to change a color of an object. I’ll show
you 3 different ways of changing a subject’s color. I’m sure there are many more but
in this tutorial, I’ll focus on the hue saturation, selective color ans repl ...

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From: Yanik

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This Video Tutorial, will go over the new tools and functionality of Photoshop CS4 to
retouch the eyes. This video involves Quick Mask mode, and isolating Hue/Saturation
adjustments for a specific tone.

Watched 6 hours ago

From: Layersmagazine

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In the third video of this Photoshop CS4 Video Tutorial series Chris goes over some of the
new color options and advances in Photoshop CS4. There are new options for the eye dropper
tool, direct modification abilities with hue and saturation adjustments, ...

Watched 2 days ago

From: Layersmagazine

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In This Photoshop Video Tutorial, Learn how to Enhance many aspects of your photography
such as saturation, contrast, sharpening techniques and finish of the final presentation
with an extremely slick border.

Watched 1 day ago

From: Victoriaweb

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