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Free vignette Video Tutorials

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In this video tutorial, learn how to use tracking to have vignettes follow a person around
the screen to simulate a spotlight effect.

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From: Allaround

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Matt Kloskowski uses the new post crop vignetting abilities of Photoshop CS4’s Camera
Raw to draw attention to the middle of the photograph. Earlier versions had the toll, but
the new version can add vignetting after cropping and has added some new adju ...

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From: Layersmagazine

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In This Photoshop Video tutorial, learn a basic tip on two different ways to create a
vignette for your photographs. A vignette is basically a soft-edged border around a

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From: Watchandlearn

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Learn how to do a cut-out vignette. More free videos at

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From: thelittlephotos

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